The Amazonian language is a true tongue!


1P - Vendor Central (Amazon Retail)

Platform for suppliers selling directly to Amazon.

3P - Seller Central  (Amazon Marketplaces)

Platform for sellers to sell their products directly to customers on Amazon.

VC - Vendor Central  

Similar to 1P - Vendor Central, for suppliers.


ASIN - Amazon Standard Identification Number

Unique identifier for products on Amazon.

LBB - Lost Buy Box

Situation where a seller loses is no longer the main seller of the product concerned on Amazon.


A+ Content

Amazon feature that allows sellers and suppliers to improve their product descriptions by adding visual content and detailed information to better convince buyers.

AA - Amazon Advertising

Amazon's advertising service.

AMS - Amazon Marketing Services

Marketing services offered by Amazon.

AMG - Amazon Media Group

Amazon's advertising and media division.

Brand Registry

Amazon's programme enabling brand owners to protect their products and content on the platform, by offering them management and monitoring tools.

Brand Store

Customised online shop on Amazon, where brand owners can showcase their product range and create a unique shopping experience for customers.


Amazon's membership program which offers members benefits such as fast and free delivery, access to Prime Video and other exclusive advantages.

VFMC - Vendor Funded Managed Coupons

Coupons and promotional offers managed by suppliers on Amazon, which make it possible to offer discounts to customers while being financed by the supplier.


A program that allows sellers to launch new products by providing free samples to reviewers selected by Amazon, in order to obtain genuine opinions and feedback.


3PL - 3rd Party Logistics

Outsourced logistics services, such as storage and distribution. Amazon offers a 3PL service.

AMZL - Amazon Logistique

Amazon's logistics network for delivering products.

AMZNCC - Amazon Carton Content Code

Code used to identify the contents of boxes in Amazon logistics.

ASN - Advanced Shipment Notification

Information sent to Amazon with the time and characteristics of a pending shipment.

FBM - Fulfillment By Merchant

When sellers manage shipping themselves.

FC - Fulfillment Center

Centres where Amazon stores and dispatches products.

NARF - North American Remote Fulfillment

Amazon's programme for cross-border sales in North America.

PO - Purchase Order (Bon de commande)

Document issued by a buyer to a supplier specifying the products or services to be purchased, quantities, prices, payment terms and other details relating to the transaction.

Vflex - Vendor Flex

Amazon's program in which the supplier cedes part of the logistical control of its products to Amazon, allowing Amazon to manage inventory and deliveries.

VLT - Vendor Lead Time

Time taken for a supplier to deliver the products or services ordered.


AVS - Amazon Vendor Service

A pay-as-you-go programme that provides suppliers with a dedicated contact person to help them with operational issues such as order and catalogue management.

CF - Fulfillment Center

Identical to FC - Fulfillment Center. Centres where Amazon stores and dispatches products.

EFN - European Fulfillment Network

Amazon's logistics network in Europe.

FBA - Fulfillment By Amazon

Amazon service for storing and shipping products.

FFP - Frustration Free Packaging

Easy-to-open packaging used by Amazon.

FNSKU - Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (Processing Network Stock Management Unit)

Unique identifier for products in Amazon's logistics network.


ACOS - Advertising Cost of Sales

ACOS is an indicator that measures the percentage of advertising expenditure in relation to the sales generated by these advertisements.

ARA - Amazon Retail Analytics

Analysis tools for Amazon sellers.

ARAP - Amazon Retail Analytics Premium

Advanced version of analytics tools for sales people.

BB - Buy Box

An Amazon product page where customers can add the product to their shopping basket and buy it directly. It is awarded to the seller offering the best deal and meeting Amazon's criteria.

BSR - Best Sellers Rank

Ranking of the best-selling products on Amazon.

COGS - Cost of Goods Sold

COGS at Amazon represents the direct cost of production and logistics of the goods sold. It is a crucial financial measure for Amazon, as it helps determine gross margin and the efficiency of sales operations.

Net PPM - Net Pure Product Margin

Profitability indicator that takes into account production costs, marketing costs and general expenses to determine the net profit margin.

P. PCOGS - Product Costs ofGoods Sold

Total cost of goods sold, including production costs, purchase costs and other expenses associated with the sale of products.

ROAS - Return on Advertising Spend

Measure of revenue generated for each euro spent on advertising.

TACOS - Total Advertising Cost Of Sales

A measure of the total cost of advertising in relation to total sales, complementary to ACoS and ROAS.


Acapulco - Refers to Amazon Pallet Ordering

A term used to describe Amazon PalletOrdering, a system that allows sellers to ship pallets of products directly to Amazon's fulfilment centres.

Amazon Pallet Ordering

Amazon's service enabling sellers to ship products in bulk on pallets directly to Amazon's fulfilment centres.

AGS - Amazon Global Store (Magasin Mondial Amazon)
Amazon's platform for international sales...

Chargeback - Rétrofacturation

These are penalties that Amazon imposes on its suppliers when they do not meet operational requirements.

For example, this can occur in cases of incorrect labeling of cartons or delays in delivering products to Amazon warehouses.

Some suppliers view these chargebacks as an inevitable cost of their partnership with Amazon. However, the main objective of these sanctions is to push brands to adjust their current processes to comply with Amazon's standards.

Forecast - P50

This forecast level, also called the "median forecast," represents the scenario where there is a 50% chance that demand will be equal to or less than this forecast. In other words, it is a median estimate of the expected demand for a given product.

Forecast - P70

This forecast level indicates that there is a 70% chance that demand will be equal to or less than this forecast. It is more conservative than the P50 and is used to account for possible variations in demand.

Forecast - P90

The most conservative of the three levels. It indicates that there is a 90% chance that demand will be equal to or less than this forecast. This forecast is often used to plan inventory levels and production capacities to handle extreme variations in demand.

CLR - Category Listings Report

Report on product listings by category on Amazon.

Litige - Dispute

A dispute can arise when there are disagreements or issues with transactions or contractual terms between the supplier and Amazon. This can include differences regarding payments, orders, deliveries, or intellectual property violations.

Retail Marketing

The operation of selling finished products directly to consumers. It is an English term referring to all activities involved in retail trade.

Retail Tech - An ecosystem that brings together technology companies specialized in supporting brick-and-mortar retail brands.


Can be imposed for non-compliance with the terms of the contract or performance standards (KPIs) established by Amazon. These penalties can be applied for various reasons, such as delivery delays, product quality issues, violations of Amazon policies, or infringements of intellectual property rights.

SOA (Sell-out Agreement)

Agreement often used in the context of relationships between manufacturers and retailers, where it defines the terms and conditions under which products will be sold to the end consumer. It can include aspects such as pricing, promotions, product returns and other sales policies.

SOP - Standard Operating Procedures

Set of procedures for standard operations at Amazon.


AWS - Amazon Web Services

Cloud services platform offered by Amazon.


BTB (B2B) - Business to Business

Commercial transactions between companies.

DTC - Direct to Consumer

Direct sales from manufacturer to consumer, with no intermediaries.

P&L - Profit and Loss

Accounting document summarising income and expenditure.


SKU - Stock Keeping Unit

Unique identifier for a product.

EAN - European Article Number

A barcode used globally to identify products.

GTIN - General Trade Item Number

Standard identifier for products in global trade.

UPC - Universal Product Code

A barcode used mainly in North America to identify products.


CTA - Call to Action (Appel à l'Action)

Incentive for customers to carry out a specific action.

O2C - Order to Cash

Order management process on receipt of payment.

PPC - Pay-Per-Click

Advertising model where advertisers pay for each click on their ads.

CT - Click Through Rate

Percentage of clicks on a link compared to the total number of views.


ACPC - Average Cost Per Click

Average cost for each click on an advertisement.

ASP - Average Selling Price

Average price at which a product is sold.

COA - Cost Per Action

Cost based on a specific action, such as a sale or a click.

CPC - Cost Per Click

Cost paid for each click on an advertisement.

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

Measure used to assess the success of an organisation.

YoY - Year on Year

Comparison of performance on an annual basis.

MoM - Month over Month

Monthly performance comparison.


3PL - 3rd Party Logistics (Logistique tierce partie)

Companies providing outsourced logistics services, such as storage and distribution, for other companies.

DS - Dropshipping

Retail model where the seller does not keep the products in stock.

OOS - Out of Stock (Rupture de Stock)

Situation where a product is no longer available in stock.

PO - Purchase Order

Official document is sued by a buyer to a supplier.


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Data transfer between computer systems.

IDQ - Item Data Quality

‍Quality of product information.

IPI - Inventory Performance Index

Measuring the effectiveness of stock management.

SaaS - Software as a Service

‍Software distribution model where applications are hosted by a service provider and made available to customers via the Internet.

OTP - One-Time Password

Temporary password used for transaction security