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Turning Amazon's demands into a Growth Opportunity

OKTee, the first SaaS platform that revolutionizes your Amazon Vendor Central management.

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Stop wasting time and facing unexpected penalties.
Take control and boost your operational efficiency.


OKTee Order management

Relieve your customer service department and gain operational efficiency.

With Smart Data toAction (SDA), your orders are processed in real time, reducing input errors, freeing up valuable time for your logistics and reducing the risk of penalties by up to 80%.

Because business is always evolving, you want to keep control over an ASIN, a category... OKTee lets you choose!

Real-time update of your VC account
and your ERP
Compliance with Amazon KPIs (VLTD...)
Configure your account as you wish
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No more anomalies, pricing errors, catalog errors, stock shortages... that make you lose business.


Confirmation Rate

Often overlooked, this metric is crucial for Amazon.
A minimum rate of 75% and 90% is expected for wholesalers and brands, respectively.

OKTee helps you meet and exceed these requirements, while identifying and correcting the causes of order rejections.

Easily recover lost revenue.

Visualize and correct errors in your catalog
Improve your Amazon rating
See your confirmation rate improve in just a few weeks

Every day, refused orders disappear without a trace, causing you to lose turnover...


OKTee Forecast

It's a fact. Your purchasing department doesn't see all the PO!

Amazon has its needs, but how do you know what they're going to order from you?

How can you meetAmazon's KPIs while also meeting your own stock requirements?

That's where OKTee comes in!

We analyze real confirmation rates, Amazon deviation, ghost orders, NetReceipt, PCOGS, and more to provide you with purchase forecasts of unparalleled accuracy.

Detailed information by SKU
Always have stock available for Amazon
Reduce the risk of aging stock
Improve your cash flow
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Retail marketing is essential.
But what's the point if it's to pay penalties?!


OKTee Perf

Dive deep into your data to reveal previously inaccessible insights.

OKTee clearly highlights your main issues.

Take corrective actions and improve your overall performance.

Are you facing obstacles related to penalties that may be due to logistics partners or suppliers?

OKTee gives you the keys to open the dialogue and correct the situation.

Confirmation Rate
Service Rate
Delivery Performance
Operational Performance

What's more frustrating than discovering deductions
when it comes to your Amazon payments!


OKTee Finance

Navigating Vendor Central can be complex, especially  for accounting teams who are often not involved.

Eliminate surprises with OKTee!

OKTee Finance, like all of its modules, decrypts ‘’Amazonian’’ for you and democratizes access to financial data.

Enjoy a complete and detailed view for flawless financial management of your Vendor Central account.

All your financial data gathered in a clear interface
Easily understand disputes to better resolve them
See the impact of OKTee and watch your penalties melt away over the months
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Unlock the potential of your business!
Understand, act, succeed...


OKTee Sales

Witness your business take off to new heights with OKTee.

Our customizable dashboards provide you with all the essential information : from your turnover evolution to your margin and your 20/80, all presented in detail, from brand or product category to SKU.

With OKTee, explore even further : track market trends, analyze confirmation rates byproduct and category, dive into pricing details...

By the way, have you secured your Buy Box?

YOY analysis, from global to ASIN
Buy Box Tracking
Pricing Tracking

Benefits for our customers

OKTee gives you a unique competitive advantage bysimplifying Amazon comprehension, data analysis, and automating certain tasks.


Up to
7 days
average savings


Up to


Up to

Sales margin

Up to

Why did you create OKTee?

We know your daily life! We have been in your shoes, alongside you for years juggling your needs and Amazon's requirements.

The platform is complex to master and can quickly become punitive.
One day, we said "stop": It is incredible not to take more advantage of this essential growth engine that is Amazon.

No one helped us? Better, nothing exists? Perfect, we will help everyone!This is how OKTee was born!

A SaaS solution dedicated to Amazon Vendor Central, created by founders who share your reality, with the unique objective of propelling you towards success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use OKTee regardless of the size of my company?

Yes, OKTee is perfectly suited for all companies, large or small, that are suppliers onAmazon Vendor Central.For small businesses that do not have the resources for a dedicated team to manageAmazon, OKTee greatly facilitates the daily management of their Vendor Central account. For large companies that already have teams in place, OKTee allows them to focus more on business strategies and the relationship with Amazon.

What will I gain with OKTee?

With OKTee, you will gain efficiency and clarity in the management of your Amazon account.
You will benefit from :
- Automation of time-consuming tasks
- A better understanding of Amazon's requirements
- Optimized inventory management
- Improved overall performance
In short, OKTee helps you maximize your sales volume with Amazon, take advantage of this essential e-commerce platform, a real growth driver, while reducing operational costs and increasing your profitability.

What are the advantages of OKTee over other similar

OKTee stands out for its deep integration with Amazon Vendor Central and your ERP.It is a performance-oriented solution with a simplified user interface and the ability to offer personalized insights.Coupled with the automation of certain time-consuming tasks, OKTee is a unique solution on the market.

How does OKTee integrate with my existing ERP system?

OKTee easily integrates with various ERP systems through a flexible and robust API, ensuring seamless and secure data synchronization.

How does OKTee help improve relationships with Amazon?

OKTee helps suppliers maintain smoother and more productive relationships with Amazon by optimizing all processes that meet all AmazonKPIs.

What is the process for setting up and integrating OKTee?

The OKTee integration process is simple and quick. We will walk you through every step, from the initial configuration to the full integration with your existing system.

What support and training does OKTee offer its users?

OKTee offers responsive customer support and personalized training to ensure that our users get the most out of our platform.

How much does this solution costs ?

The pricing structure of an OKTee subscription is influenced by a variety of factors :

- The volume of your catalog
- Your daily order flow
- The modules you use

Each project is unique. OKTee adapts to your needs.