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OKTee, A Different Approach

A need for everyone!

Amazon is essential for growth, but the platform remains complex to master. This observation is clear amo.

The same words are repeated constantly: stress, frustration, disappointment, resignation, no alternative.

It's crazy; some even allocate provisions for penalties without trying to...

Unique expertise

Our founders, Karim Bachiri and Gaël Hemonnot, each have over 25 years of experience in the distribution world, including 10 years on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Karim Bachiri is an Amazon expert, while Gaël Hemonnot is an expert in business development and supply chain management.

Over the years, Karim and Gaël have worked on developing brands through wholesalers. They have had to manage all the complexities of this uniquely functioning platform in the market.

This dual expertise allows us to understand our clients' needs at every level of the value chain. We are thus able to offer personalized and tailored solutions for each requirement.

The objective?

To transform the management of Amazon Vendor Central for all suppliers, regardless of their size.

A Strong Commitment

We have designed the perfect solution. Unique in the market, our SaaS simplifies, facilitates, and automates Amazon Vendor.

We support our clients in their overall strategy, taking into account all their needs, from logistics to purchasing management, including finance, sales administration, and profitability optimization.

This is why we provide our clients with a team of experts experienced in all areas of online commerce.

Beyond business!

OKTee allows all your departments to easily navigate Amazon.
Say goodbye to the stress of endlessly navigating Vendor Central. Access all necessary information in one software.
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